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How Do Solar Panels Work

Producing Electricity From Sunlight

Solar panels are "photovoltaic devices" which means they work by converting photons of light into voltage. They are often called "PV" panels for short.

So How Do Solar Panels Work?
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The Basic Home Green Power Energy System Operation: When sunlight hits the solar panel's cells, direct current (DC) flows through a electronic device called the inverter, which converts it to alternating current (AC).

This AC power then flows directly into the home or building, and if the system is designed for it, also into storage batteries. If the inverter is of the proper type, the power from the solar panels can be sent directly to the utility grid.

When the power is flowing from your solar panels back to the utility grid, the electric meter of the home slows and if enough power is being made from your panels, the meter runs backwards.

The typical home installation consists of individual solar panels that are wired together to form a PV array, and the electricity they produce is fed through an inverter that changes the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), making it suitable for homes and business, and compatible with the electric grid.

The special "grid-tie inverter" is the major electronic appliance associated with a grid-tied PV system which allows connection to the commercial power system.

Solar Panel Components

Photovoltaic cells are what make a solar panel. These cells are made up of at least two layers of semiconductor material (usually pure silicon infused with boron and phosphorous). One layer will produce a positive charge, the other a negative charge.

When sunlight strikes the solar panel, photons from the light are absorbed by the semiconductor atoms, which then release electrons.

These electrons, freed from the negative layer of semiconductor, flow out through wires then back in to the positive layer.....thereby producing an electrical current.

Since the electric current flows in one direction (like a battery), the electricity generated is called direct current (DC). Many individual cells are wired together in a sealed weatherproof unit called a solar module or solar panel.

The Three Types of Solar Panels

There are three types of solar panels: single crystal, multi- or poly-crystalline, and amorphous silicon. Each of these solar panel types is estimated to last at least twenty-five years. Some experts estimate that forty years is a reasonable expectation.

The longevity rating of a solar panel refers to the number of years before the solar panel is producing only 80 percent of its original power rating. For instance, some solar panels are warranted to produce at least 80 percent of their full-rated power after twenty-five years. Now Instead of stopping production completely, a solar panel will gradually produce less and less power for many decades past its rating.

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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla and alternative energy
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Green Solar Power Energy

Green Solar Power Energy

Until the early 90's solar panels were only used for powering satellites, and small electronics like calculators and watches.

That was then, now just look at this...

Green Solar Power Energy

How Many Solar Panels
Do You Need?

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A major misconception about solar energy is the myth that you have got to live somewhere like the center of Texas to have enough sunshine which is just not true. Take a look at this quick video about a guy who uses solar panels way up north in cloudy Seattle Washington!


My Solar Panels Struck
By Lightning

solar panels struck by lightning

"The thunderstorm was starting to get very loud and we could see flashes of lightning coming through the curtains on the windows."